The Children’s Heart Clinic, PA
Pediatric and Congenital Arrhythmia Center
​Our pacemaker clinic follows more than 300 patients, ranging from newborn to young adult, with either animplanted pacemaker or defibrillator.  Follow-up of these devices consist of both transtelephonic monitoring and clinic visits for thorough evaluation.  The Children's Heart Clinic also offers:

Arrhythmia Monitoring Services

Several types of devices are used including 24-hour holter monitors, King of Hearts monitors, Micro ER and Zio Patch.  The clinic has the capability to recieve telephone transmissions of the arrhythmia event 24 hours per day.

Exercise Stress Testing

A fully equipped exercise laboratory is available on site.  Services include stress EKG and echocadiography utilizing a treadmill or bicycle ergometer.  Oxygen consumption and pulmonary function studies can also be performed as part of an evaluation. 

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