The Children’s Heart Clinic, PA

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​Charles M. Baker, MD
​David A. Burton, MD
​Christopher Carter, MD
​Kirsten B. Dummer, MD
​David B. Gremmels, MD
​Kelly Han, MD
​Christine Hills, MD
​Rodrigo Rios, MD
​Marko Vezmar, MD
​Francis X. Moga, MD
​David M. Overman, MD
​Robert Horvath-Csongradi, MD
​Jocelyn Berbee, MS, RN, CNP
​Leah Zupancich, PA-C
Advanced Practitioners
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Kelly Rood, MD
Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgeons
Pediatric Cardiac Intensivists
Pediatric Cardiologists
Marnie Taylor, MD
​Amy Gould, MS, RN, CNP
Charles Shepard, MD
Robroy MacIver, MD
​Bradford Chu, MD