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Neurodevelopmental Follow Up Program

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Congenital heart defects (CHD) are the most common birth defect, affecting eight in 1,000 births. Researchers have identified multiple factors, which may predispose children with CHD to delays in their motor development, coordination and learning ability before they reach school age. Identification of neurodevelopmental delays should be done as early as possible to help children with CHD reach their full potential.

The Children’s Heart Clinic and Children’s Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota joined together to start a clinic focused on the neurodevelopment of our pediatric cardiovascular patients. The Children’s Cardiovascular Neurodevelopmental Follow-Up Clinic (NDFC) provides patients and their families with the assessment, treatment and training resources they need at multiple stages of growth from infancy throughout the school years to ensure that children enjoy the highest potential for developmental, cognitive and quality of life success.  

If you have questions regarding the NDFC and whether your child or patient would qualify for referral, please contact your child’s cardiologist or Jocelyn Berbee, CPNP or Amy Gould, CPNP at the Children’s Heart Clinic: 612-813-8800.