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Home Monitoring Program

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The Home Monitoring Program was designed for babies with single ventricle physiology (one lower pumping chamber) and other infants with shunt-dependent physiology (see Modified Blalock-Taussig shunt) to optimize their health and maximize survival rates between their first and second palliative surgeries. Close monitoring of weight gain and oxygen saturation levels help to detect early signs of changing cardiac status. This program was initiated at the Children’s Heart Clinic in 2009 and has served more than 100 infants and their families. 

Infants are enrolled in the program at the time of hospital discharge. Parents are given an infant scale, pulse oximeter, and record logs to take home in order to follow their baby’s weight, saturations, and observed clinical changes. A “red flag” list of concerns/symptoms is given to families to help them understand what to watch for and when to call cardiology. Home nursing visits are also available on a scheduled basis and if any concerns/questions arise.

If you have any questions regarding the Home Monitoring Program, please contact Jocelyn Berbee, CPNP or Amy Gould, CPNP at 612-813-8800.