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Patient Stories
Behind every patient is a person with a voice - and a story. We often find that our own patients' stories provide the most powerful source of hope and encouragement for other children and families living with congenital heart disease. Our patients not only inspire families - they inspire each and every one of us here at Children's Heart Clinic. Their stories are a testament to the heart’s strength, and prove that our children not only survive heart disease – they thrive, and go on to lead happy, fulfilling lives.

We would love to add your story to this page.  Please contact us and let us know your experience with CHC!

J. Ross Brickman's Story:
I have been going to CHC since 1989.  In the last 15 years I have met and interacted with countless doctors, nurses, technicians and staff members.        Read more...

Caleigh's Story:
Dr. Gregory Wright (now retired from CHC) cared for our daughter, Caleigh, almost 14 years ago.  Caleigh, who has Turner Syndrome, had a coarctation of the aorta      Read more...

A Mother's Story:
I have two little heart heroes!  Both of their lives were saved by doctors at the Children's Heart Clinic.  Thank you so much for all you do and for all the sacrifices your families make to save kids lives!  Brings tears of gratitude and joy to my eyes to see the words "Children's Heart Clinic"!

Sara's Story:
Most people are amazed when I tell them I weighed 2 pounds when I was born and I had my first heart surgery (coarctation repair) when I was 4 weeks old      Read more...

Seth Grimm's Story:
My journey has been exciting so far. Four years ago at Abbott NW I arrived into the arms of my parents. My parents and grandparents alike held all the joyful hopes and dreams that every child should have. Alas, my face turned blue Read more... 

Joshua Nelson's "Heart ordeal":
It’s a story that even baffles us especially when trying to recall and explain it to other people. For nearly 28 months, Joshua’s heart issue went undiagnosed     Read more...

Treasured Sounds-Simone's Story:
There are many unforgettable sounds in life; like waves crashing against the shoreline or a gentle autumn wind rustling leaves. Our unforgettable sound was the cry of our firstborn daughter, Simone.      Read more... 

Banoo's Story:
The Foundation for the Children of Iran announces the completion of its 32nd surgical and/or medical case in Minnesota.  Read more... 

Littlest devices:  Watch complete story..

CHC's first repair of HLHS:  Read complete story